Searching partners of Asian engineering companies

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  • Country (Asia)
    • Bangladesh
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Myanmar
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
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    • Construction / Real Estate
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    • Searching Partners

Background Purpose

The client, a Japanese construction consultant company needed to build a list of engineering companies in 6 Asian countries to look for prospective business partners which could help them strengthen their business in foreign countries.


Through the internet access and corporate directories printed in the local languages, we built an initial list of engineering companies that contains around 120 companies (around 20 companies per each country). By making phone calls to each of the listed company, we obtained such information as capital structure, revenue, operating profit, the number of employees, the number of qualified employees, area of expertise, main products and services, the year of establishment, corporate history, major clients and type of services provided to them, partnerships with other companies, competitive advantages, interests in the partnering with a Japanese company, relationships with major electric power suppliers, etc. We also added engineering companies to the list if we found additional prospective partners through the calls.

Key Success Points of Research

We used not only corporate directories issued in Japan but also the ones edited in the local languages as sources of information to find as many companies as possible. When we made phone calls, we shared know-how of calls for obtaining the information with the researchers in each target country to make them provide their outputs with the same level of quality. We had completed more than 100 calls for the six countries effectively and efficiently in such a way.