Benchmarking research for Asian railway operators’ human resource management system

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Background Purpose

This is one of the market research projects in Indonesia and India we had achieved. The client which was a Japanese management consulting company needed to grasp the human resource management system of major railway companies in India and Indonesia.


Our team conducted thorough secondary research where they referred to local publications, newspapers, news archives literature, etc. Our team contacted the general managers of local railway companies or offices of government own railway companies. Directors and managers of several departments including personnel division of railway companies were interviewed. We identified the recruitment process and pattern of career growth for regular as well as senior management. Details related to necessary qualifications / academic background, promotion pattern, training situation, etc. were also identified. Once the research was completed and report submitted we fixed several meeting appointments for the client to meet the top management of the railway companies. We also arranged an interpreter, too.

Key Success Points of Research

Successful interviews were conducted with senior management of local railway companies who are usually difficult to access. Local research staffs which had connections to these companies and their top management were assigned to conduct the interviews. Apart from these top management, 5-10 staff members of all these local companies were also interviewed successfully and the results reported.