Benchmarking research for a Chinese software development contractor

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Background Purpose

This is one of the market research projects in China we had achieved. The Japanese auto parts manufacturer, which is the client, outsourced a part of the development work of software for automobile control to its software development subsidiary in China. This research was to benchmark cases examples of outsourcing to Chinese software development company by other Japanese peer companies. The purpose of this research was to find how to improve efficiency of software development work by subsidiaries of client companies in China.


Our approach was to conduct face to face interviews with employees working in the software developing company which was based in China and was a subsidiary of Japanese auto part manufacturer, the client’s competitor. Through these interviews we found out the development team’s organization structure, responsibility assignment between the Japanese parent company and the subsidiary, productivity of software development (Number of annual commissioned projects by development scale, number of assigned team members by development scale), issues and their countermeasures, etc. in terms of technology, business process, communication, labor management.

Key Success Points of Research

Our Chinese team was a group of professional interviewers with good communication skills. Through their endeavors which included repeated interviews of about 5 people in each office of the target company. (The target subsidiary had multiple offices in China, so each office had to be interviewed.)
Our interviewers succeeded in grasping the actual situation of business within the target enterprise as much as possible from the comments of multiple respondents.