Benchmarking research for European energy enterprises’ service-development process

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Background Purpose

This is one of the market research projects in the UK and Germany we had achieved. The client was a Japanese gas supplier. At the launching of this research project, the Japanese gas market was going to be liberalized in the coming year and the client was facing the threat of loss of its customers because newly entered competitors might provide gas and related services with cheaper prices. So, the client was trying to consider what kind of services should be developed to meet the needs of their customers. The client's intent was to make themselves seem more attractive with the newly developed services and prevent their customers from leaving for other competitors.
In order to make a reference for that service development, the client wanted to grasp the efforts of a major European energy supplier that had been already operating in a liberalized market.


We selected one major energy supplier in the UK and Germany respectively. On selecting the energy suppliers, we interviewed some of their key employees in sales, sales consultants, strategy planning. Through these interviews, we were able to ascertain the key services which were being offered besides the main electric and gas supply business and what kind of results they were able to achieve. The respondents also clarified the process of devising and concretizing such services.

Key Success Points of Research

Our researchers were experts in the energy sector and well versed with the UK and German markets. They had prior experiences of working with the companies selected in each country. They had immense experience in conducting sensitive interviews and extracting critical and confidential information from the respondents.