Benchmark research for European FM service companies

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    • Benchmarking

Background Purpose

This is one of the market research projects in the UK and Germany we had achieved. The client was a Japanese construction company. The company was also providing facilities management services to their clients in Japan whose building were built by them. The client felt the necessity of considering the future state of their facilities management business. The client thought that the facilities management services, which were provided in the European region, had shown higher expertise and the width of service line-ups was very wide. So the client conducted this research to understand the business contents of the facility management service provider in Europe, their efforts to create synergies between the construction business and the facility management service business and so on.


Our client had the desire to visit by themselves to major construction companies, FM service providers, related industry associations in the UK and Germany, so our researchers fixed meeting appointments to target companies/associations. When visiting the site, our Japanese researcher accompanied the client and facilitated interviews. Through the interviews, the client could understand regular business practices in the UK and German markets on facility management, the outline of the services each company is developing, the outline of real estate related services (asset management services, property management services, etc), the cooperation with construction companies (or internal construction divisions), etc.

Key Success Points of Research

We appealed to the UK and German companies the merit of exchanging information with a major Japanese construction company (the client) and fixed appointments for meeting with senior managers (directors, senior directors, etc.) of each target company.