Market assessment for Thailand UPS Market

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Background Purpose

This is one of the market research projects in Thailand we had achieved. The client was a Japanese equipment manufacturer. They were looking for distributors who could become partners in selling the client’s UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in the Thai market.
The client also wished to understand the distribution channels and marketing activities which existed in the Thai market for UPS.


We identified and profiled companies selling UPS in Thailand. These companies were profiled based on the brands they were selling, business size, shareholders, interest in handling a Japanese UPS brand as a future business option. We mainly focused on introducing those companies to our client which were strongly interested in selling Japanese UPS products in Thailand.
We conducted interviews with major UPS distributors in Thailand to understand existing distribution channels, marketing activities, sales promotion related activities for UPS products in Thailand.

Key Success Points of Research

We assigned researchers who had experience and prior industry knowledge in the Thai UPS market. Use of their industry experience and industry knowledge helped us to provide the client with a comprehensive long list of sales agents in a relatively short time.
The researchers also succeeded in effectively conducting interviews with sales managers of major sales agents/distributors by utilizing their industry knowledge and acquiring detailed information on Thailand's UPS distribution structure.