Searching partners of U.S. plant-based food OEM manufacturers

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Background Purpose

Our client, a Japanese food manufacturer, wanted to find a local manufacturer that could undertake OEM production of plant-based food to strengthen its manufacturing and sales business for plant-based food in the US market.


A telephone interview was conducted with a plant-based food manufacturer with a factory in the United States, which was found through internet searches, etc., and the following information was collected.
・Company name
・Company size (sales, number of employees)
・Factory location
・Product lineup
・Manufacturing capacity
・Product container and size
・Acquired certification
・Expiry date
・Possibility of OEM production

Key Success Points of Research

When we conducted the telephone interviews with the identified plant-based food manufacturers, we also asked them if they knew other peer companies in the same industry. By doing this, we could have found many additional well-known plant-based food manufacturers.