In order to obtain hints on considering your future business model and new services, Please make use of our service.



We can study the world's best-class company's business models, newly launched services or innovative technologies to provide benchmarks to our clients helping them become more successful.

  • Understanding management strategy
  • Excavation of advanced services
  • Technology trend survey

Searching Partners

We will make a long list of a partnership-candidate or acquisition-candidate companies from not only major ones but also middle to smaller ones and recommend the best-suited companies to our clients for achieving their business objectives.

  • Making an exhaustive list of major companies of the certain industry
  • Credibility assessment of target companies before the transaction
    (Deep survey of business circumstances of the target company in terms of finance, production, sales, R & D, HR, etc.

Market Assessment

We will help you collect market information that can be a necessity for estimating the possibility of the successful entry into the target industry in the designated country.

  • Understanding market size, competitive environment, distribution structure, etc.
  • Surveying sold unit volumes and prices of specified products or services
  • Survey of customer needs