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Suppligence Co., Ltd.
June 7, 2016
Tetsuo Matsushita
Business Description
Global marketing research
7-17-14 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan


We are experts in planning and conducting global market research in the following ways.

  Research objective Typically collected information items Standard research approaches
Overall market analysis
  • Establishment or reconstruction of market entry strategy
  • The market size
  • Market shares of competitors
  • Distribution structure
  • Regular practices of Local business, etc.
  • Secondary research
  • Around 2 interviews with corresponding business associations
  • Around 10 interviews with major companies in the market, etc.
Competitors analysis
  • Benchmarking on the major competitors
  • Business description / Size
  • Business strategy
  • Organization structure
  • Major suppliers / customers, etc.
  • Collecting and analyzing financial data
  • Around 3 interviews with the target company
  • Around 5 interviews with the companies which trade with the target, etc.
  • Company list development
  • Finding corporate candidates for business partner
  • Finding prospective client companies
For each company:
  • Business description / size
  • Type of capital (nationally owned / foreign / local)
  • Corporate history
  • Sales offices / production facilities, etc.
  • Secondary research
  • Around 2 interviews with corresponding business associations
  • Around 10 phone interviews with listed companies
  • Around 5 Face to face interviews with the key companies, etc.
Governmental policy analysis
  • Situation of actual operations and details of governmental policies
  • The actual activities of private sectors to realize governmental policies, etc.
  • The background and contents of the policy
  • Issues and countermeasures
  • Actual practices of private companies and their requests to the government from the private companies, etc.
  • Secondary research
  • Single Interview with the governmental organization
  • Around 2 interviews with the corresponding business associations
  • Around 5 interviews with private companies, etc.

Geographical coverage

Our geographical coverage includes most of the areas which are very frequently targeted as places for penetration of Japanese companies, such as Asia, North America, Western Europe and Latin America.

Geographical coverage countries

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If you have any interests in global market research, please feel free to contact us from the phone number or the email address below.

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