We deliver insights to help
your decision more creative.

Suppligence is a market research service provider focusing on understanding
overall industry trends and private companies' business activities mainly
in Europe, the US and Asian countries.


With reliable research output, we support you to make an important decision.


We will find and introduce new business models or cutting-edge technology-driven services of the peer companies in your field.


Searching Partners

We will introduce ideal companies for acquisition or partnering.


Market Assessment

We will assess the circumstances of the target market to help you make a confident decision about the entry to the market.


Case Studies

We will introduce some of our past research projects.

Searching partners of U.S. plant-based food OEM manufacturers


Benchmarking research for European energy enterprises’ service-development process


Market assessment for Thailand UPS Market


Our Insights

Our blog is a showcase for sharing our knowledge that may stimulate your curiosity to know what is going on outside your world.

UK construction industry 1 - The UK construction market after the London Olympics

In recent years, the Olympic Games were held in developed countries like London, the capital of the United Kingdom. The London Olympic Games were held in 2012, but until the year 2013, the size of the ...

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